ISO 45001

Human Resource is the greatest asset for any organisation and it’s occupational health & safety is of utmost importance for organisations stability and growth. ISO 45001:2018 is instrumental is specifying requirements for occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system and providing guidance on its usage, for avoiding work-related injuries or ill effects on health and as the same time helping improve performance. Benefits of implementation as mentioned below but not limited to the list.

  • Improves the corporate image of the organization and provides exposure to elite management working modules.
  • Involvement of the workforce with awareness would enhance the efficiency of the organization due to Best Practices.
  • Identification of Hazards and Risks and equips the organization to handle them with a preventive approach.
  • Transforms the process from detection to prevention module.
  • Enhanced supply chain that provides the consistency required to conduct business without obstacles.
  • Decrease in the incidents that hamper business consistency.
  • Integration of the ISO 45001 Certification with other ISO Services.
  • Responsive management towards legal and regulatory requirements of government and customers.
  • Reduces the insurance premiums by implementing the required control at required stages.

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