ISO 27000 Series

The series is developed and published by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

Information breaches are one of the most serious threats to an organisation’s information security. Sensitive information leaks through almost every business process these days.

Every year, thousands of incidents arise, where, for example, cyber attackers penetrate into a database or workers lose or misuse details. Wherever the information is stored, the financial and credibility consequences of a gap can be serious. As a result, businesses are progressively putting resources into their safeguards, with ISO 27001 helping as a checklist for active security. ISO 27001 is applicable to organisations of any scale and across any industry, and the context’s scope ensures that its application is often balanced to the size of the organisation.
These are voluntary standards with the below mentioned benefits but not limited to the below.

  • Increased business resilience
  • Improved customer and business partner confidence
  • demonstrate business continuity by improved ability to recover operations
  • More strengthened information security methods
  • Awareness and commitment to information security throughout the organization
  • Reduction in incidents and security breaches
  • Control on breach; internally & externally

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