Case Studies 1

Company is primarily into printing and packaging business. The other division is the copier division
established more than a decade ago.

Challenges faced and solutions provided for

  • Introduced new incentive systems
  • Started joint session for information sharing
  • Conducted need analysis for training requirements
  • Introduced on the job and off the job training (e.g house-keeping, quality control)
  • Designed hierarchy and reporting structure
  • Formulated job description for different levels
  • Generation and maintenance of employee database
  • Formulated trackers for performance, attendance and production monitoring
  • Proposed new leave (short and long) management system
  • Standardized and optimized production systems and procedures
  • Conducted motivation sessions
  • Developed strategy for reducing changeover time
  • Techniques used to improve & enhance productivity and efficiency
  • Formularized strategy for streamlining operations
  • Improving relations with employees, contractors, clients and business associates at large

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